Bandana pin up

They’re just bandanas, but not just any bandanas. These Pin Up bandanas seem to be made exclusively for you. They are simple but different and with personality. Take a look at our extensive catalogue

Widest variety of pin up style bandanas

The bandana is usually a very common accessory in all types of clothing styles. In the case of pin up fashion is no exception. The pin up bandanas not only serve as an accessory, but also help to get a hairstyle of this unique and original style.

In the world of pin up style flocks you will find all kinds. The most used are a style of vintage bandanas that almost look like a handkerchief, used to cover the head. This type of bandana is used, above all, during spring and summer, to keep the hair hidden while well collected.

Another use is when you are doing some activity, such as cleaning or walking down the street, because it helps to keep the hair firm and will not bother you when doing household chores.

They are simple, but very elegant, and can be perfectly combined with the colour of a top or a retro pin up shirt. Generally in a red color with a pretty striking print, held with a bow underneath it will never give you a pretty suggestive look.

A pin up bandana can be worn with any garment.
A dress, a shirt, pants, even when you go to the beach. can make you look elegant or just a fun girl pin up depending on what color and which fabric you choose. with a pin up handkerchief you will give a special touch to your hairstyle.

There are accessories that are always in fashion, both for dressing and sports. Rihanna has turned the pin up bandana into her fetish garment both in the photo sessions and at night out.

Any Winehouse was shown many times with a pin up scarf on the head and Katy Perry wears it even in the bedroom, with these pin up scarves feel like a real modern pin up girl.

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In the 1950s what is used today, hairbands, were still far from being invented, so the women of the time had to devise them to find «other» ways to tame their rebellious hair.

Instead of covering the entire area of the hair, it was only tied sideways, as if it were a headband. In this way, the bangs could be held securely, at the same time as they were used to hold a bow. An indispensable tool for a girl who wants to wear a pin up hairstyle.

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