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We believe that being Gothic doesn’t mean you’re no longer female. What do you think? Of course, if you’re here you’re one of us. Whatever they say, enjoy choosing the gothic corset you want at the best price.



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You’ve seen it in movies and novels. The corset, apart from being a garment that serves to put a little belly, is an indispensable piece to enhance your feminine attributes.

In the case of the Gothic style, the corset ends up being a piece that is not indispensable, but that can help you a little to complete that unique style you are looking for. And, if that weren’t enough, these gothic corsets can be worn on the outside.

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Let’s see, what kind of gothic corset are you looking for? Do you want to re-launch your breasts? Because then you must choose a corset that covers the chest, since they leave a beautiful canalillo exposed. On the other hand, those that are below the chest are designed to be covered by a T-shirt or a vest.

If you want to further enhance the shape of your female body, then you should bet on a tighter type of corset, the well-known Waist Cincher. The type of fit will depend a lot on your hip width and waist. But they can be a great match for a Gothic model.

To wear it on the outside, and make it look good with the rest of your Gothic-style outfits, our advice is a steel rod corset. After all, the more accessories you wear, the better. Now, if you want it inside, then look for one that is plastic rods. Even if they are made of this material, if you know how to choose the rest of the set, you could even wear it on the outside and see how luxury fits you.

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Doubt offends us, miss. Our long experience in the market of the dark and the sombre supports us. But if you want an authentic reason that incites you to choose us to make any purchase related to a corset of gothic style, we will give it to you: our prices.

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