Gothic costume

Would you like to dress up as a Goth for Halloween? At Carnival? To go to a costume party? You’ve come to the right place to get your costume! We have the best designs, with the best quality and everything you need to look like you’re coming out of a Bran Stoker play!


Would you like to disguise yourself as a famous character?

One of your options would be to disguise yourself as a famous character, which will give it a special touch, and much envy of your classmates when they see you with the suit.

How about a female version of The Crow? Eduardo Manostijeras? Nightmare Sally before Christmas? Lucy Loud? Emma? Morticia Addams? There are over a hundred possibilities!

Dressing up as a well-known character, you won’t have to worry about getting the accessories that will help to give your costume an even more «gothic» style. Why is it all included!

Want an original Gothic costume?
Would you prefer an original Gothic costume that makes you look like a 17th century outfit? There are many options in our catalogue of Gothic costumes for both children and adults!

How about a costume with a skirt in two pieces, one more transparent and the other darker? A dress that enhances your feminine figure with gloves and boots? Or, a slightly fitted outfit with a jacket to wrap you in an air of mystery?

A schoolgirl with a mysterious touch? A suit that makes you look like a doll out of a horror novel? Spend a little of your time to see what we offer you in our catalogue of gothic costumes! We promise we won’t let you down!

Why buy gothic costumes in Ofskull?

We’ve been in the business of the occult for a long time, so to speak, or is it that our own name doesn’t indicate that we have some kind of relationship with the beyond? Years of experience guarantee us!

All of our Gothic costumes are of the highest quality, available in sizes for both girls and adults. What about shipping? Once you have placed your order you will receive your costume within 24 hours!

Of course, to all this we have to add that we have the best prices on the market. Are you going to be able to resist getting a Gothic costume at such a low price? We’re sure you won’t!