Gothic mirrors

A person is not gothic for wearing black, or for listening to Avenged Sevenfold, or for wearing Marilyn Manson’s boots. Gothic style is a way of life and decorating your home with gothic mirrors is within it all. However, if you do it at affordable prices much better isn’t it?



The most economical gothic mirrors

Ornaments and accessories can be a fundamental part of Gothic clothing. But not just any kind of adornment… something striking, shocking, sinister and terrifying. Like, for example, it can be a gothic mirror.

The best thing about Gothic accessories, such as Gothic mirrors, is that if I design something beyond costume jewellery. The luxury of details that has been worked on each of the pieces, is something that can not be described in words.

You must see it for yourself to realize the great quality of the work that the artisans have done. Generally, skeletons are the main protagonists of these pieces. But hey, it’s going to be your accessory, so you decide what you’re looking for and what you want to wear, don’t you think?

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One of the most striking types of Gothic style mirrors you can buy is that they are a pair of figures that are really simulating a reflection, like a skeleton that looks at the mirror and on the other side there is a figure of its reflection. Ideal to create a gloomy and spectacular visual effect.

Another option is to really buy a pendant that has a mirror, but that the frame is decorated with skulls, bones, bats or a dark being of another dimension, so that all those who see themselves reflected in it can appreciate the greatest darkness of their soul and tremble with fear. It’s terrifying and interesting at the same time, don’t you think?

If you are more interested, there are also designs of Gothic hand mirrors, with the handle as if it were a skeleton hand holding a crystal or a skull that reflects what it sees through the mirrors of its eyes.

The widest variety of gothic mirrors for you

Do you want to create a sinister, dark and terrifying image of yourself with the help of mirrors of gothic aesthetics? Don’t wait any longer! We know that, for you, presenting that dark side of you to the world is something important, and that’s why we’re going to help you with our catalogue full of cheap offers of Gothic-style mirrors.

All of them sinister, dark, macabre and shocking but, above all, economical. No one who sees them directly is going to stay the same. And, if that’s not enough, they all have the lowest price we can guarantee you. Take a look at them! Because then don’t say that we won’t let you know what we have to offer.