Gothic skirts

This fashion couldn’t exist without gothic skirts. An elegant, sweet and, at the same time, daring combination. It is an important garment but it would also be interesting if it were cheap. Find it in our dark and inexpensive catalogue.




Your long or short gothic skirts at the best price

That you’re a goth girl means you can’t be sexy? A good gothic skirt can make you look even scarier, while helping you gain several points of attraction.

You just have to choose the right type of gothic skirt you want to wear at all times. And remember is something very fresh, and with a little imagination, will help you get a set of category.

The widest variety of gothic skirts

We could simply summarize them in that there are long and short Gothic skirts, but that would be a bit dull, wouldn’t you say? Long Gothic skirts are simpler, although many of them have some metal trimmings to differentiate them from a simple skirt.

But you are most interested in short skirts, believe us. On the one hand you have the skirts that we could say look «broken» at the bottom, where the fabric is transparent and seems frayed. This can give a darker touch to your gothic-style outfit, leaving more of your legs uncovered.

You also have leather skirts, like the rest of your Gothic clothes, only in this case they are tighter, with lots of studs and buckles and some with hanging threads, to give it a worn look. But if you want to look terribly cute, why not a gothic lolita skirt? Or a schoolgirl skirt in black and red?

Another option is the tail skirts. On the front it will cover you for little more than below your thighs, while on the back it will reach to your ankles. An elegant and quite sexy design.

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