Gothic T-shirts

We could have shirts of many colors but we don’t want any. As Gothic people we love black t-shirts but we also love cheap prices. Take a look at our catalogue and take yours with you.



Your gothic t-shirts of woman or man, always economic

To express your discomfort and resentment towards the world you don’t have to dress like a living dead man who has just come out of the grave. You can be Gothic, wearing simple clothes, such as Gothic T-shirts.

You can be a shy person, so you don’t dare to wear what would be as extravagant and eye-catching as gothic clothing, because you don’t like to be looked at. Is that the case? Because the solution is very simple: buy Gothic T-shirts for women or men.

Gothic T-shirts are like normal T-shirts, only they are mostly black, and generally with a dark illustration related to this style of clothing. Some can be really creepy and leave anyone who sees you speechless.

Ofskull.Org, your gothic online store at the best price

Within a fashion, there are different levels. If you are a person who is at the lowest level, then our advice is a simple gothic t-shirt, in black, with the image of a white cross or a heart split in half. Don’t go for something that’s extravagant or frightening.

Now, if you want to make it clear what you like, then you’d better have Gothic T-shirts with more touches, such as the very detailed illustration of a skull devouring a heart, a demon or the illustrations of some drawers of this style, such as Luis Arroyo and his famous angels. That way no one will be left with any doubts about what’s going on with you.

Long sleeve, short sleeve, suspenders… shorter, longer. There are all kinds of Gothic t-shirts for women and men, but they should always be in black. How are you going to give the world a depressing view of you if you wear a pink or white t-shirt that means hope? The darker the t-shirt, the darker your soul will look!

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