Leather panties

This section is designed for all those women who love to have fun with their partner, and for men who enjoy the sensuality and mischief of their partners, We present the most complete collection of leather panties

Leather panties are the perfect wardrobe to make your partner stay with his mouth open and his heart racing, the night will become magical, if you want to see more leather underwear we leave you the rest of the catalog here:

Comparative Which are the best?

We know that buying underwear is a pretty delicate thing, once in your hands you will not be able to return it, so we make sure you have the necessary tools to help you make really accurate decisions, such as comparative tables:


In the tables we will leave you the most prominent models of the entire catalog, so you can compare quality, materials, price and other important features, we will also leave you with the most relevant customer opinions. What are you waiting for to choose it!

Women’s leather intimate clothing – The 5 tips to choose the best

The intimate clothing is the second skin of every woman, however little is known about how to choose it, we will give you the most efficient tips for you to take home a good pair of panties, from what size is appropriate to the color that goes better with You.

How to choose the right size: Although it seems a lie, one of the main problems when buying women’s intimate clothes is that few have knowledge of their sizeThey end up taking home a model that just doesn’t look like it really should.

  • There is a cevident onfusion between contour and cup size, the first must be measured with a metric waist, and add 15 cm more, that is if you measure 60 cm, your contour is 75 cm.
  • In the case of the cup, it is measured by letters, the letter A is for small busts, the B is for medium bust, the letter C is for full bust and the letter D is used for women who have a bust with abundant volume.

Find a good bra: You already know how to choose your size, however, there is a wide variety of bras, with which you can play to visually improve the line of your breasts. If you are women with a small bust, we recommend using a half cup style or cut of heart, it will make you see the breasts much bigger and prettier.

⚠️ Warning! ⚠️

For large bust women, it is recommended to wear a full-cup bra, it will prevent your breasts from being crowded and will make you feel much more comfortable.

What is the panties for my body ?: All women are beautiful in their own way, however, not all panties highlight that beauty, so you should be careful when buying yours.

  • If you are a thin woman, the best and most sensual panties are the low cut, will make your abdomen look much longer and flatter, like your legs, you can choose a sexy and revealing style using a thread, or something more covered but just as sexy.
  • Women with sharp and voluptuous curves can opt for a high cut, that highlights your wasp waist and hips so sensual that they wear out, they will look impressive.

Dare to try new styles: Many times women reach an impressive level of comfort with a certain type of lingerie, and do not dare to take the step that helps them look much more attractive, it’s time to change, and choose a nice leather panties that take out that wild side that you have inside.

Combine your lingerie with good accessories: We are sure that that special person will be shocked to see you so sexy, but if you want the effect to be blunt we recommend that you use accessories, you can combine your panties, with gloves, whips, handcuffs, or whatever you want, you will look sensational.

Top 3 most sexy leather panties

You still don’t know which model to wear? Do not worry about that, we have the most varied and complete top for you, where we will show you which are the sets that are in trend and of course which are the best sellers, do not miss it.

Black Leather Short Bikini Bottom

No products found.

This is a beautiful shorts made with leather, has a low cut that highlights the waist of any lady, you can use it as a lingerie or to look very sexy on any disc.

ZARLLE Sleeping Lingerie Set

ACSUSS Women's Sexy Bikini Lingerie Set Wetlook Leather Zipper Bra with G-Strings - Black - XL
  • 2Pcs women's bikini underwear set with zipper closure
  • Crop top is sleeveless, low rise mini briefs with elastic waistline
  • Special and modern design makes you charming and chic, soft and good stretchy fabric
  • Perfect for lingerie night or self-pleasure, stage performance, clubwear, beach wear, etc
  • Please check the size chart clearly before purchasing it, hand wash recommended
  • This little model will leave you delighted. It is novel and its shape, design and cut will make you look beautiful and slender, it is perfect for women who like to leave part to the imagination.
  • You can take it with you from the smallest to the largest size and you can buy it in the classic black color or opt for a very nice bright pink.
  • It is useful for use as clothes to «sleep» or as a sensual body to party. It is economical and thanks to the Amazon delivery system it will reach your home.

Sexy Women’s Lingerie Set

YiZYiF Women's Faux Leather Suspender Booty Shorts Bodysuit Leotard - Black -
  • Set Include: 1Pc Suspender Bottoms
  • Elastic braces connected with 3 O-rings,Y back
  • Hot and smooth, good stretchy, soft and comfortable
  • Hand wash and lay dry
  • Perfect for cosplay, clubwear, concerts, rave outfits, party, lingerie night
  • This beautiful model is made of leather, they come in two pieces, the first one works as a short low cut shirt, while the bottom part is a beautiful leather jacket, it is well designed and its finish is excellent.
  • You can choose between three colors, passion red, sensual black and Barbie pink, the cut of the thong will make you look much longer and slender without talking about how spectacular your bottom will look.

Reviews What is the best sexy leather panties?

We know that you are a demanding buyer, that is why we have investigated to bring you the best in leather intimates, we are based on the thoughts and opinions of other buyers, on the quality and of course the price of the product.

OverDose Lingerie Sets

The night will be short with this beautiful set of lingerie made of leather, you will feel like a princess of sex, you will look charming and very sensual. Seduce your partner with this lingerie kit and leave it with your mouth open.

Why wear leather panties? Light the spark!

The body of every woman is a work of art and wear lingerie of this type makes each stroke appreciate much more. Leather panties, they are very successful elements when choosing provocative clothes, because it makes your figure look much more stylized and attractive.

further It is a creative way to please and surprise your partner, when you appear in the room with your new set, you cannot take your eyes off it.

If you want light the spark of your relationship and have a night of passion but, you do not know what to do, you are on the indicated website, here you will find everything in leather lingerie, to help you highlight your spectacular figure.

Single you have the tricks and weapons to completely drive your loved one crazy, we will provide you with the most sensual lingerie in leather, we have a wide variety of panties for all types of bodies.

Cheaper, cheaper or cheaper leather panties

We leave the best for last … in addition to surprising you with all the models we have for you, we also have the most appetizing offers on the entire web, so not only will you take a dream set, You will save a lot of money by doing so.

Some are panties that are at a very good price, others are on offers, you can not miss the opportunity to buy at such low costs.

When should I use them? I never dare!

Unlike common underwear, sensual lingerie such as lace underwear, or in this case leather It has a much more shocking effect When used on special occasions.

You can plan a dream evening for your partner, a romantic candlelight dinner, soft music and closing with a gold clasp modeling your new set. You can also wait for it at home with just your leather panties and let it delight with your beauty.

As well It is a good idea to use them on special dates such as an anniversary, birthday and even a reconciliation, you will look great and surely you will have a great time.

The Shop where to buy the most provocative leather lingerie!

Look no further, we have all the lingerie you need and much more. Here you will find the most picaros, sensual and exciting sets, for daring women and with a picaron style.

We also have a variety of thongs, Brazilian and high cuts, for all kinds of tastes. You will find complete sets with the most special accessories, and as if that weren’t enough, we will take them to your home.

You will find unique models, bra and thong, we also have skirts in leather with their respective panties, full nightgowns and fantasy costumes, all in leather, so that you feel and look like a princess of sex. What are you waiting for!

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