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We thank you for the day Dave Mustaine left Metallica and put on a Megadeth t-shirt listening to Symphony of Destruction. Take a look at our extensive catalogue with the best offers.

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A lot of people get a bit of a «thing» out of the t-shirts of some bands, especially because of the way the design is. However, we’ll tell you something: don’t be a pussy and give it a couple! It’s been almost 50 years since people started going the way they wanted to go down the street, why should you be less?

If you like that in your T-shirt of a skeleton in flames holding a bomb or of two dead having sex between them, who is nobody to say anything to you? Do you say something to those who carry a stamp of the baby Jesus inside their purses? Do you mess with those who like to go for a walk in the street wearing socks with flip-flops?

No, you’re just one of many who wants to make it clear to society that it’s no different because of their personal taste! If what you like is that kind of hard, cruel and violent music, and a well rocked Megadeth t-shirt is going to make it clear, nobody is going to be able to tell you anything.

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Our experience with the macabre, esoteric and death may have earned us a bit of a bad reputation among our fellow merchants… but we don’t care! Skulls are our passion, and you know it well. So, how could it be possible that Megadeth was not among the products we have in our catalogue full of economic offers!

Demonstrating passion for a group is as simple as buying a measly Megadeth t-shirt. Something cheap, that you can wear every day and that will be one more item of clothing for you. It’s simple, it’s practical and, most importantly, it costs very little money. Because we know you’re interested in offers, and that’s what we want to offer you. Look at our catalogue to find the best offers on the market! Do you think we’re not going to have the best Megadeth t-shirts in our catalogue? Well, we’re going to close that mouth when you start looking.