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Unlike in other places where they are associated with fear, skulls have a positive meaning in Mexico during the Day of the Dead, since in Mayan culture they were a kind of rebirth. In fact, these symbols are sold today as sweets and also filled with chocolate. The sugar skulls have their roots in the tzompantli, an altar used by the Mesoamerican peoples. Above it was placed a row of perforated skulls of those who had been sacrificed in honor of the gods. After the arrival of the Spaniards and with the incorporation of All Saints’ Day in the calendar, a technique was introduced to elaborate them as sweets, the alfeñique, a kind of caramel or jam based on cane sugar that forms a moldable paste.

mexican skulls

History of Mexican Skulls

With the combination of skulls and flowers, this characteristic character is created, which today is a symbol in many festivities outside of Mexico: the catrina.

Today, this version of skull with flowers, terrifying and beautiful at the same time, is a source of inspiration in many costume parties, both inside and outside Mexico. Social networks, in particular Instagram, as well as the tips of the most followed influencers on the Internet, have turned this symbol into a universal brand of Mexico, whose best way to enjoy it is to travel there to live it in person.

Mexican women make up and disguise themselves like catrina. They make up their faces like a Mexican skull, that is, with striking colors, but with a spooky result. Its exteriorization or dramatization can be presented in various forms, it can be seen stinging and flirtatious with the intention of seducing mortals by attracting them to their fatal destiny, as well as they can be seen in a funny and satire way, demonstrating to death that they are not afraid of it. This last version is the one that can be seen more since from very small, in this culture, it is inculcated that the death is the last step that is given in the life, but that when it is the moment will be well received.


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