Pin up blouses

When you go out on the street, you want to be the prettiest girl in the neighborhood, don’t you? And to achieve that there’s nothing like the pin-up style. What’s more, we advise you to wear a good pin-up blouse to mark your own style and show how much potential you can take from the bottom of your wardrobe


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We could summarize that there are two types of pin up blouses. On the one hand, the typical blouses with sleeves, quite short and that will reach little more below your shoulders. Within these, there are two options. There are those that cover your whole body, with a high neck. However, during the summer this can be quite overwhelming, so you would have to resort to those who leave that area of the body uncovered, helping you gain a bit of «eroticism» by leaving the gutter in the air.

On the other hand, you have the retro sleeveless pin up blouses, the classic strapless ones. Of these there is a great variety in the market and the material is quite cool, so it is perfect during the summer months. They are ideal to combine with a short sleeve shirt underneath. Very fine and some even with skirt, so they will reach you below the navel. Now, if you want to be a little flirtatious, there are also shorter models.

The greatest variety to look perfect with your pin up tops

When you go out in the street, with the summer heat it’s no wonder you want to go as cool as possible. And in this respect, there’s nothing more helpful than a good vintage pin-up blouse.

What’s more, these rockabilly-style blouses are fresh, sexy and suggestive, and help unlock all the potential you have hidden. With good makeup, and combined with good jeans, there won’t be a man who will resist flattering you.

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