Pin up dresses

You can buy a skirt and a top separately but a pin up girl must have at least one pin up dress in her wardrobe. In our online store you will find the widest variety at the best prices

The cheapest pin up dresses in Ofskull

In the pin up dresses there are two styles of sleeve: the short and suspenders. Generally, the short sleeve was more used during the 1950s because it «covered» more. However, with the arrival of the summer it was not strange to use the sleeves of suspenders, which were fresher. Not only that, but they left more to the imagination.

The choice of one style or another will always depend on your personal taste. If you like to leave a little to the imagination, mark the neckline and leave your shoulders uncovered, the straps. On the other hand, if you want to be a more reserved girl, opt for vintage pin up dresses with short sleeves.

Pin up dresses for parties, weddings and even large sizes

The dress is a complete piece, so the top and bottom go hand in hand. The tight-fitting dresses were quite popular at that time, as they allowed the curves of the hip and legs to stand out. Something that has become fashionable again in some parties.

There were other types of skirts with flounces, less tight but no less sensual. The fact that suddenly a current of air could lift it, fruit of the popular image of Marilyn Monroe, became a classic. You also have pin up dresses from the 50s with a tube skirt, a little tight and maybe uncomfortable if you’re not used to it, but they will be worth a lot to highlight your figure. Whether you’re looking for your pin up dress for weddings, evenings or parties, here you’ll find what you need.

Rockabilly dresses at the best price in OfSkull

Are you more or less clear about your options when it comes to buying your retro rockabilly dress? We haven’t talked to you about colors, but it’s not something you should worry about. White, red, purple, blue… many happy colours were worn at that time, and with time really interesting combinations have been added that will catch your attention.

What do you care a little about what these pin up dresses might cost? Why? What have you seen a catalog and you have found expensive? That’s because you still haven’t seen the catalogue with the best offers that Ofskull has prepared for you. We have a wide variety of pin up dresses with the cheapest price on the market!