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This already depends on the taste of each person, and how accustomed you are. As a general rule, for those women who had to spend hours walking, the heel was not too high. On the other hand, in some events, such as a party or a birthday, this could be quite pronounced, even some shoes already used the well known stiletto heel.

When choosing a heel you should think a little about the health of your feet. The higher the heel, the less pressure your foot will exert on the floor, depending exclusively on the heel. And you know what? This will be unhealthy for your feet. Use a low heel, so that pressure on the foot is kept to a minimum and you can walk as comfortably as possible.

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The appeal of rockabilly shoes is that they were open. They only reached up to the ankles, with a small strap to attach them to it. Thus, much room was left to the imagination of lovers of the erotic and sensual to leave the legs, and partially the feet, uncovered.

When it comes to color, you’ll find everything. Vintage rockabilly shoes in a single color, in sky blue, black, white or brown. In recent years, however, retro pin up shoes have been introduced that are a little more daring, with a pattern of polka dots, stars and other decorative patterns. To all this we have to add the accessories, such as bows, to give them a more «childish» but at the same time contribute a lot.

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