Pin up skirt

As John Travolta said, “Let’s go by parts.” First the skirt and then the top. Oh no, who said that was Jack the Ripper. I’m sure Jack would love a Pin Up skirt


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The first thing you’re going to have to ask yourself is: the type of pin up skirt you’re looking for. Which is looser or tighter? Simple or full of color? Recatada or more sensual?

Because it’s not the same to buy you a tight skirt, such as pin-up tube skirts, as it can be to buy you a skirt with frills. As for how long they are, these usually come a little below the knees. Some even reach above these, leaving much more uncovered, being perfect for going out for a walk in summer.

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If you want to have a vintage skirt in the classic pin up style, you have two options: either a single color skirt or a drawing pattern in which the dots are used. However, over the years, the return of this 1950s fashion has made more colorful bets appear.

Skirts with floral patterns, skulls, raindrops, an explosive color scheme or a print of falling leaves, perfect for fall. However, others have also emerged more muted, using black as a source of inspiration, and combining with styles such as Gothic to make skirts a little more gloomy. All to make you the queen of dancing with rock’n roll!

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