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You want a bikini but not just any bikini, you want a Pin Up bikini. Is it because of its simplicity, originality or style? The sure thing is that the ones we have for you will charm you for their economic price

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Have you ever investigated the history of bathing suits? You’ll notice that, while in Spain they tried to teach as little as possible, in other countries during the 50s and 60s women were a little more daring. Especially thanks to the pin-up bikinis.

In short, a pin-up bikini is very similar to the bikinis worn today, only they covered a little more of the female body. Especially the lower part of the bikini, which was almost like a shorts, only that, without the part of the legs, and covered almost up to the navel. There were other retro models that even reached above the navel.

The upper area was sometimes a little «shorter», leaving more to the imagination by highlighting the breasts and the gutter. However, there were many models that covered quite a bit, and could go through a top of straps.

The biggest variety in rockabilly pin up bikinis

They were cheerful, colorful bikinis. Generally, two colors were combined, a primary color for the background and a secondary color for the pattern of the drawing.

Polka dots and straight lines were typical, but little by little other patterns were introduced for this type of vintage swimsuit, from flowers to huge polka dots. Sometimes, the bottom and top were far from having the same color or pattern, which made the bikini bring a bit of glamour to the woman of the time who wore it.

As they were bikinis that showed what was right and necessary, they were considered very sensual, having even been protagonists of some of the covers of Playboy magazine. Because the less you teach, the more sensual it becomes.

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