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You’ve heard a lot about pin up t-shirts, and you’ve probably felt like buying one to keep in your closet. However, it would be nice if you could differentiate between classic and modern pin up t-shirts.

In the 1950s the term t-shirt was still not very well defined, so women used to wear blouse shirts, or shirts made of a fairly fine fabric, according to their tastes.

However, there were T-shirts as such, but it was more common for them to wear shirts. These shirts were used only for sports or outdoor activities, such as picnicking or a simple walk on the beach.

These t-shirts were very simple, of a single color. Although little by little they were introduced more colorful models, with prints and different patterns, so that the modern pin up of the time could feel at ease.

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The truth is that, although many catalog them as pin up retro t-shirts, they are not. Some catalog pin up t-shirts to those that have some illustration that refers to this way of dressing or has an illustration of a character of the time, such as Betty Boop.

They are simple t-shirts, in black and white. But the designers have wanted to recover a little the essence of this style, and in some shops you can find real jewels of vintage pin up t-shirts. T-shirts with prints, with beautiful patterns and that are ideal to wear in modern times. Above all, because they are very easy to combine with any other style of clothing. And if you have pin up clothes in the closet, you can’t imagine how easy it will be to combine that shirt with jeans or a skirt.

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