Punk dresses

Does being a punk mean you can’t look elegant in a good gala dress? When you go out with your boy, can’t you look like a princess? Break with that stupid stereotype by buying a real punk dress with which you’re going to leave everyone with their mouth open!


Your punk rock dresses at the best price

Punk fashion is often associated with dark colors, and to a large extent, it is. The punk colors often have black as the protagonist, as is the case with Gothic fashion or heavy. However, punk takes it a little further, taking the maximum potential out of this color.

On the other hand, if you don’t like to go so dark and look like a living dead from punk makeup, how would you like to buy a red punk dress? What don’t you like about red either? You are a difficult woman … you have a third choice, and is a dress that combines both colors. Now we’ve caught your attention a little bit more, haven’t we? With black as the predominant color, and the red used to highlight the details of the dress, you’re going to be the most beautiful girl in the room, that’s for sure.

Bestseller No. 1
WIDMANN Ladies Womens Pink Rock Star Wig Glam Rocker Punk Fancy Dress Accessory
  • Do you dress up as a rocker at carnival and are still looking for the perfect accessory? Then this wig from Widmann is just the thing for you.
  • It comes in pink in one size for adults.
  • With this wild haircut you will be the centre of attention at any party.
  • The wig can be combined with many other costumes, for example white with a punker or singer costume.
  • More beautiful costumes and accessories can be found in our brand shop. Click on the brand name Widmann below the product title.
Bestseller No. 2
EUDOLAH Women's Gothic Steampunk Steel Boned Corset Dress Skirt Set Costume (UK 14-16 (2XL),...
  • Vintage brocade lace corset dress perfect to show your the entire waist.
  • Made of quality lace and stain, features plastic boned and ribbon ties up, shape your waist successfully.
  • Great for party, wedding, clubwear, costume, Halloween dress and fashion corset.
  • Unique styles of floral lace bustier tops which bring you a stunning body curve.
  • Luxury floral black lace high low layered skirt, sexy and charming.
Special Deals - 10%Bestseller No. 3
Spiral Direct Women's Steam Punk Ripped-Stud Waist Mini Dress, Black (Black 001), 16 (Size:L)
  • The ticking of a galvanised heart, one with power and passion. The steam drives the pistons and the limbs shudder into life as the pressure gauges reach...
  • Stud Waist Mini Dress Black is made of 95% Viscose 5% Elastane, Jersey using skin friendly, Azo-free, Reactive dyes.

Short or long punk dresses? We have them all

Since you’re going to get cute to party around, you’ll want to be the most suggestive in the room and have all the men turn around when you pass by, right? Well, with the punk dresses you have the opportunity to become a femme fatale like Matahari. Dresses that leave your shoulders exposed, with a short skirt and that mark the canalillo of your breasts.

What don’t you want to look like a fresh piece of meat? For the more puritanical punk there are dresses that cover a little more, but that will make you look like a religious soda… although for many that might even be exciting. It’s your choice!

Punk party dresses at the best price

Since you’re going to spend a little money to buy a punk dress, it better be one that has an affordable price, is your size and meets all the requirements, right? And already, if you have some drawings of skulls in flames or sticking out the tongue, it would be the milk, wouldn’t it? A dream that you can easily fulfill with OfSkull, since in our catalog we have the cheapest offers on all kinds of punk dresses, of all sizes and with offers so high that the prices seem laughing!


Let us guess, you are here because you need a dress for a special occasion, what problem?, if so, the simple fact that you carry a dress you will highlight it, but if in addition you choose one which has the punk style will surely desmarcaras of the rest. We want to help you in this important task, for this reason we bring to you a catalogue with the best that you can find in dresses punk whether long, short, sexy and dark. We hope that then tell us how you did.

The punk rock style will make highlights at the party

The dress that you are looking for needs to impact and leave everyone with the mouth open, that is what you are looking for right?, what you can get with a dress that is tight, short and with a good neckline, if it is dark as black is going to be perfect. What the show lot is not your style?, if so you can dazzle the night with a tight dress, long for you and cover your body but to fit the, to do the imagination of all.

Short dress, long style scottish what type should I choose?

That depends on the place, with whom you go, and other factors such as your style, climate and more. What we recommend is that if you’re going out hunting with friends, use something bold that draws attention, if you’re going out with your partner, use something that you know that that special person would like, and if you’re going with family uses something more demure. If you take into account these recommendations you will do well.

The best price in ofskull.org

In our catalogue we will show you designs very attractive, unique and at an affordable price, the best thing of all is that you have different models in the same place, and if you want to see more white dresses and other things, hit the button to see more models and ready.

In addition to dresses punk, in our shop you find:

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