Surely there will be people who tell you that someday you will die with your boots on. Well, fuck them, in your store we want you to stay alive, very alive and what you do is buy us the most cadaveric boots to enjoy them a long life: some skull boots.




Why buy skull boots?

You like the boots, how they look, how they make you walk and step firmly on the ground. You can almost identify your steps by your own boots, by the sound they make on the ground, on the asphalt, anywhere. What we propose is that if your boots personalize you like that, you do the same, personalizing your boots. It’s just right, isn’t it? And what better way to personalize them than with precious skulls?

We have all kinds of boots with skulls in our online store, for you to buy the ones you want, the best. Neither the variety nor the price are excuses because we have the best prices in boots in the market.

Think that here you will find all types of boots that you can imagine with skull logotypes, but this here, does not exist.

You have so many reasons to buy these boots… Because you like to walk with your friends, get on the back of your bike and let your feet be part of the bodywork, walk through the hardest and steepest roads… well, or lie down and put your feet on the table. Your life is yours and the occasions to show off your skull boots as varied as your tastes and your way of living it. Ah! And often clean your boots… to see if the dust of the road is going to end up covering your skulls and they are not going to be seen.


In addition to Boots with skulls in our store we have: