If you are a person who flees from conventionality, and you like to differentiate yourself from the rest of the people, the skull makeup will give you a lot of game. Skulls have been part of those rock bands that put their personal seal before the usual aesthetics of their respective times, achieving a look of the most suggestive and transgressor.




Why Buy Skull Makeup

Undoubtedly, skulls are differentiating elements, and give you a look that completely departs from conservatism, betting on a subversive and rebellious aspect. Legendary groups like the Misfits were admired by other musicians and by thousands of fans, not only for their music, but also for their image and attitude.

The truth is that their aesthetics were really groundbreaking: they always wore black, used skull make-up and, of course, their famous logo was a skull. This punk band has influenced the best rock and metal bands, such as Metallica, who have made several mythical versions of the Misfits. In fact, Metallica’s bad bass player wore a t-shirt with the Misfits’ skull on most of his public appearances, as he was a real fan of the band.

And it is that the skull makeup can become an element of the most recurrent for many moments in which you pretend to win in attitude and style. So why wait for Halloween if you want to be different from the rest of the people?

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