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Skull before life and skull after death. “Skull masks can be terrifying, but the truth is for us they are mind-blowingt.”

We can not remember the horror images that scared us so much of kids. We became that same moment. For so many centuries the skull has been the symbol of knowledge.

Become that ominous ‘monster’ that we are all, stripped of everything that society judges; without expression, without feelings or sensations. Ask why we are so afraid of these pale faces, because they have nothing to do with what was hidden, maybe for that reason we love some.

Align yourself with the skull mask you will be in hand with the ancient tribes that for centuries took them with pride, paying homage to their children and respecting death and life, but without fear, knowing that I had something beyond.

Where to buy skull masks

In this skull shoping you can choose the skull mask that you like. From which you can cover the whole head, just the eyes, mouth or the whole face.
Dare to try one and become something that everyone feels respect. Forget the prejudices of society under one of them. Skeletons and white bones have always fascinated human beings, perhaps because it symbolizes or represents that nothing else can be seen inside.

A skull shows the essence of man, the nakedness of his spirit. No sorrow, no anger, no fear. That is perhaps why they are a little scary, and for the same reason we feel so much admiration for the skulls. It is no coincidence that the pirates placed it on the flags of their ships.

With our costumes and skull masks, you can be the heir of all those entities that knew their true meaning. For hundreds of years it has been a symbol that there can be something beyond death.

For example, La Catrina, a very popular figure in some countries and of which many people wear it and use the famous masks of catrinas or Mexican masks. Its origin has been known since 1910.

As a curiosity you should know that the word “calavera” comes from the Latin word “calvaria”, which literally means “bald”. At the same time it is a term influenced by the word “corpse”. It can therefore be said that the meaning of skull is “bald corpse”.

Skull masks for every celebration

Although the skull masks are quite used on the day of the dead are perfectly usable for any celebration in which it is worth attending with a scary clothing or a costume party. One of these examples is Halloween, where all the people come out to show off their best costumes and when the night comes the time to scare people, nothing better for this than a realistic skull mask, like the one we have in our store.

How about giving your friends a scare or looking interesting wearing one of these masks?

It is not necessary a celebration to put on a skull mask and give some good scares to friends, you will have a great time and they will also, when they decide to buy a skull mask similar to yours and give you a good scare.

Animal skull mask

We have for you the best animal skull mask as for example, deer skull mask, wolf skull mask, skeleton mask, canine skull mask, and even others that are not animals, but for men and women some fantastic masks for girls, yes, with skulls.

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