If you dare to buy skull tie, it’s because it’s very clear to you that no one will be able to make you change your style even in celebrations and special and formal events. Is there anything more daring than skulls? Probably not and, therefore, these garments are perfect so that, even if you have or want to wear a suit, you still feel authentic wherever you are. Go beyond the conventional! And wear your skull tie





Why buy skull tie?


We know we don’t have to tell you what to wear, because if you’re here it’s because you’re a person with a personality of your own and a wing that likes to wear formal clothing, but with its own style.

Get out of your closet that tie that you like so much with skulls, and feel free to go with your own style, and not be one more.

There are many opportunities why you have to dare to wear a skull tie. First of all, these garments will allow you to put your own stamp on any of your most elegant suits or, which is the same thing, a note of informality and cheekiness in your look. These symbols represent all of us.

In addition, we know that for young people like you what you want is to stand out, and what better than wearing your skull bow tie to a friend’s wedding, everyone will be surprised by your personality.

All our ties have a very high quality and all materials have been carefully selected to provide maximum durability. Do not hesitate and show the world your rebellious side with a unique and original tie with skulls.


We have many skull tie, but also in our store we have