There’s nothing better than painting your skull face, going out on the street and everyone telling you how good you are.



There’s nothing better than being able to paint your face, you enjoy every moment and with every color you add to your face, it’s something you have to do.
And if you know how to do it well, no doubt everyone will call you to paint the face of skulls.
There are fantastic masks that you can paint on your face, maybe a catrina, Mexican skull, the symbol of death is one of the favorites in the hallowen parties and undoubtedly one of the most liberated to paint.

If what you want is to learn how to paint your face with drawings and shapes of skulls this is your website specialized in skulls.


  • The paintings for the face or facials can be found in our online shop for articles of skulls
  • First of all, are you going to do your own makeup? What level of paint do you have?
  • Don’t bet for example on a beautiful design of Mexican skull if you are not an expert in painting, since it is one of the most difficult models.
  • What kind of costume do you want? Do you want to be scary? Do you want to surprise? Look for the model that identifies with the result you want.
  • Finish your characterization with some complements.
  • A hat and a bow tie for an authentic «Lord Skull», flowers in your hair, a mini skirt and heels to go super sexy, let your imagination fly, there are as many ideas as you propose.

Skull Makeup and its paintings

If you want to start with something simple, just follow our advice because we give you some tips that you will love.

What you need: A brush and a face brush; a black, black, white, red and yellow eye pencil.

How to paint your face step by step:

Paint the whole face with white paint, except the eye socket and a little bit of nose, then paint the hollow of the eyes and the little piece of nose in black, and finally paint black lines on the lips.

You already have your terrifying image of authentic catrina or basic calaca. Now you can dare with something a little more complicated, just paint red and make a kind of flower around the eye and highlight the flower with black and in the center of each small petal a super original and simple yellow circle.

Skull makeup for the eyes

Paint your eyes with blue shadow, make vertical lines on the lips with a black pencil, paint the nose also in black and decorate your head with flowers.

Articles of skulls that you can combine with make-up